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Please note: The Medicare Rebate under Mental Health Treatment Plans are not available for Art Therapy and Play Therapy


Please give preferred days, times and frequency for appointments. We will provide options to people on the waitlist as these times become available. Some appointments times are more popular than others and make take longer to get availability so the more flexible you are, the sooner we can see you!

PLEASE NOTE: After school appointments have longer wait times, and we have extremely limited weekend options


Please indicate the allied health service required. If more than one we will schedule as appropriate.


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We STRONGLY recommend you get on a few waitlists. There is a shortage of allied health supports in both private and public services and waits can often be very long. We cannot guarantee when we will be able to offer supports and encourage people to connect with multiple options to ensure the timeliest support.

We can recommend looking on -https://www.vicinclusivepractitioners.com/websitesor https://polapractice.com.au/therapist-directory for inclusive therapists with availability.

Or you can visit - https://www.anzacata.org/FIND-A-THERAPIST to find a Registered Art Therapist or https://psychology.org.au/find-a-psychologist to find a Psychologist near you.